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Jewellery repair

One of my specialties is jewellery repair, when I was a teenager I would spend summers in my fathers workshop helping him do repairs and have continued to do them since graduating.

A small selection of common repairs I offer are:

  • Ring sizing (up/down)
  • Chain repair
  • Re-shanking
  • Claw repair
  • Clasp/ear-wire/finding repair

Each piece of jewellery that comes in for repair is always a unique situation and challenge.

The best thing to do is to contact me and set up a time we can look at the piece and figure out precisely what is wrong and what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Custom jewellery

From engagement rings to anniversary presents I can make something timeless and unique. 

I can work with you to design something you will cherish for many years.

We can take old, but unused jewellery and make something you will wear with pride. Handed down pieces can be re-made into a beautiful work of art while keeping that sentimental value.

Contact me to book an appointment and we can sit down and discuss what you would like created.

Check out my custom client creations here!

Metalworker by Dominik Haake

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